Wednesday, 25 March 2009


1. Soft Focus
2. Forever Old
3. She'll be Saying
4. Beneath the Shadows
5. Send My Thoughts
6. Glass Streets
7. Other Side
8. Walk Alone
9. Wash Away
10. Waiting For You

This album is brilliant, 10 tracks of a band not knowing what direction they are fucking going. Starting off as a straight up hardcore punk band they played fast and hard with typical fuck the government type lyrics and very generic music, and although still brilliant, none of it compared to this record. Natural progression took course and with each record released you sense alot more of a goth influence on the music than anything, overuse of keyboards and dark lyrics make this a fucking masterpiece. The singer Jack Grisham would go about in full drag amongst a very macho hardcore audience who would say fuck all to the guy as he would beat the shit out of any of them.

Stand out tracks are Wash Away and Beneath the Shadows, Alkaline Trio did a pretty good cover of wash away, its up on youtube have a look.

http://rapidshare .com/files/108350044/

Here is a couple of clips from the film Suburbia in which they performed 2 tracks for

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